How To Manage Criticism?

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Criticism is tough to manage. None of us likes to hear the bitter truth about our errors and inabilities. But we deal with Criticism in life daily and can not leave it. We likewise v others so we know that it is a 2 way street. How to deal with Criticism?

What To Do When We are Slammed?

Listen to the criticism and before you respond to it, think about your strengths. That will provide you favorable input and make you ready to face the criticism squarely. Even if it is true that will offer you the strength to deal with and throw down the gauntlet besides an upset retort. Otherwise we may begin feeling upset and often useless.

Material of criticism-.

Is the criticism real? Or it is misinterpretation of the facts? You may at times set aside your worries and emotions and look at the scenario plainly. If need be ask the other individual more information and their beliefs. Probably they think something various than you. When you talk with them and ask them about what can be done you will be on path to recovery instead of damage.

The fact-.

We slam others. We believe that to be real. Similarly someone criticizing us may feel that they are ideal and the criticism might well hold true. What would you do then? What should we rationally do when we understand that we are weak in something? We should enhance, right? So rather than fretting about the weakness, make that point strong in your life. Consider ways to improve and do it slowly.

Animosity and what to do about it-.

Are you concentrating on the individual who slams you or on the content of the criticism? If you concentrate on the individual your focus will shift to other person’s weaknesses and you will strike back with your list of criticisms. Rather focus on the criticism itself. Leave that individual aside.

How to Handle Self Criticism?

There is a distinct difference between self criticism and criticism by others. Most of us are too pleased to agree with whatever we bash ourselves with but when some body else tells us the exact same thing we assault right back. If I inform myself that I walk slowly that is Ok, but if my friend tells me the same thing, I take umbrage and tell them that is not true at all. Why do we look at criticism so in a different way?

The problem with this-.

The difficulty is available in two methods. If some body informs us something that holds true we tend not to concur but if we criticise our selves wrongly we are too ready to accept that and enter into a bout of anxiety. Expressions such as – I am no great, I am of no use, I constantly fail, no body appreciates me and so on are easily heard when some body criticizes oneself. The individual thinks them all and all efforts of self-help go to lose.

What to do-.

If we treat both criticisms differently we will definitely remain in trouble. What should we do then? Let us look at this in another method to resolve the issue. Get rid of the individual who is making criticism from picture and just look at the criticism. Eliminate yourself or anyone else. That way you will just be focusing on the criticism and will have no biased view. After this look at the criticism for fact. Exists any reality in this statement? Believe logically and let no feeling get in the thoughts. With reasoning you will be able to evaluate the scenario plainly. If the criticism is incorrect you will conclude that it is wrong and not true and vice versa. If you were to think of this any other way you would have reached an incorrect conclusion.

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