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Our present time is mainly determined by digitality, permanent connection with the environment and rapid exchange of information. All of this is made possible by the exponential advances in technology that are becoming more significant and more regularly achieved as time progresses. In times of the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G technology and augmented and virtual realities, one area in particular has emerged as predominant in this regard – mobility. In this case, that doesn’t refer to getting around from A to B, but rather to the fact that nowadays people prefer to have everything at their fingertips, instantly and everywhere. It was precisely this demand from our society that led to the establishment of smartphones a few years ago, which nowadays are almost unbelievable in terms of modernity, power and performance. Every smartphone or tablet we own is many times more powerful than the computers that sent Apollo to the moon in 1969. They are true all-rounders that take care of a large part of everyday life, or at least make it easier.

If about 20 years ago you needed a navigation device in your car, the radio at home and the house phone at the station, today it’s a single device that easily solves all these tasks and is much more efficient than its predecessor tools. Even if smartphones can’t do everything imaginable right from the start, a number of possibilities are not completely out of the question. Rather, there are applications that can be installed on the device in no time at all. The selection of these apps is gigantic and the normal user will only ever need a minimal fraction of all the options. But over two million apps in Apple’s App Store and two and a half million in Google’s Play Store speak a clear language. If you want to reach people, you have to know about the importance of the mobile market and apps. It can be seen particularly impressively in the iGaming industry, which has increasingly shifted to the digital world in the recent past anyway. To take on the stationary and the huge online competition, an online casino app is essential. If you don’t react quickly enough and provide the offer optimized for mobile devices, you won’t stand a chance against your competitors.

Companies need to be mobile

But why exactly are applications for the portable helpers so important? Mobile apps have fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. This year, nearly 4.5 billion smartphones are expected to be in use, more than half of the Earth’s population and more than ever before. Mobile apps are currently the most efficient, direct, and adaptable way to deliver information about a product, promote a service, and get customers to stay loyal to your brand. Companies are constantly fighting for the attention and loyalty of their customers. The competition to deliver the best product to a wide audience is unceasing. Therefore, in such a rapidly changing environment, the one who has established the most effective and convenient communication channels for their customers always benefits. Thus, applications have the same importance in today’s world as websites had on the web ten years ago.

Information sharing

Push notifications allow companies to interact with their customers in real time and deliver updates faster than ever before. The effort required to do this is comparatively small. A person is more likely to pay attention to notifications from their mobile app than to check the company’s website or even their own email. In this way, it is possible to convey information about price changes, sales, news, and new products and ensure that the customer receives it. Younger generations in particular are difficult to reach by other means.

Be present

Studies show that Germans like to be on their smartphones. On average, they spend more than three hours a day on it, which is equivalent to around a quarter of the day. This is mainly spent using the various apps, which can be found in abundance. When a customer installs a mobile app with an appealing icon design, it can pique and maintain the person’s interest. There are different types of mobile apps that target different audiences with different features. Accordingly, the content of the app can be customized specifically for the main customer group. Even if the user does not interact with the app every day, its constant presence goes a long way in establishing the association between a product or service and a particular company.

Loyalty programs

Promotions and programs designed to reward customer loyalty are often outdated and simply costly to implement. While some of them still work, there are better options in the digital age. Moving a loyalty program entirely to the smartphone is not a good option, but offering that option and encouraging customers to use it is undoubtedly beneficial. Digitizing a loyalty program will in all likelihood attract new customers and increase the number of app downloads. This will expand the target audience and also engage existing customers.

In short, apps for mobile devices are essential these days. The trend towards increased smartphone and tablet usage will not diminish in the near future. Mobile app development may seem intimidating for some companies, but the benefits it brings fully justify such an investment.

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